Osaka Kansai International Airport (KIX)
Car Parking

(Osaka, Japan)

There are four different car parks at Kansai International Airport (KIX), suitable for both short-term and long-term parking. Short-term car parking is charged at 30 minute intervals and long-term car parking is charged at 12 hour periods.

P1 and P2 are multi-storey car parks situated either side of Kansai Airport Station and linked to the main terminal by walkways from the third floor of the car parks to the second floor of the passenger terminal.

Both of these car parks have specially reserved spaces for disabled drivers on the third and fourth floors, near to the lifts and walkways to the terminal. P3 and P4 are smaller open-air car parks located a short walk from the terminal, situated either side of Hotel Nikko Kansai. There is also a special car park for buses located next to P3. Payment is made at machines in the car parks; they accept both cash and credit cards.

Short Term

Charges for short-term car parking are levied at 30 minute intervals, making short-term parking only suitable for those visitors who wish to leave their vehicles for less than a few hours. Short-term parking in available in both P1 and P2 car parks, which are connected to the terminal by walkways. Car parks P3 and P4 also offer short-term spaces, however, these facilities are open-air.

Long Term

Long-term parking at Kansai Airport is suitable for visitors wishing to leave their vehicles for a number of days and rates are charged at 12 hour intervals. Long-term spaces can be found in both car parks P1 and P2 as well as at the open-air facilities, P3 and P4.


Specially reserved spaces for disabled drivers are situated on the third and fourth floors of car parks P1 and P2. Spaces are conveniently located near to the lifts and walkways that connect the car park to the terminal. Passengers requiring assistance from their vehicle to the terminal should contact their airline ahead of arrival.

Osaka Airport KIX

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