Osaka Kansai International Airport (KIX)
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(Osaka, Japan)

Osaka Airport (KIX) Travel and Transport: Airport viewKansai International Airport (KIX) lies 50 km / 31 miles south-west of Osaka, the nearest large city to the airport. There are a variety of travel options for getting to and from the airport including buses, trains, taxis and ferries to nearby Awaji Island, just to the west of the airport.


The Airport Limousine Bus service connects Kansai International Airport with various destinations including Osaka (50 minutes), Kobe (1 hour, 5 minutes), Kyoto (1 hour, 45 minutes) and Nara (1 hour, 25 minutes). Buses stop at all major railway stations and many of the big hotels and they leave from the bus terminal, outside International Arrivals, on the first floor. Buses arriving at the airport deposit passengers outside International Departures on the fourth floor. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket machines in the terminal, outside Arrivals. For more details about bus services, phone Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise (KATE) on: +81 724 61 1374.


Kansai Airport Station is located in front of Domestic Arrivals and Domestic Departures on the second floor of the terminal. Two companies run trains to the station. Nankal trains connect the airport with Osaka, while the Nankai Rapid goes to downtown Osaka every 30 minutes (journey time 30 minutes) and the Nankai Express goes to Central Osaka every 15 minutes (journey time 45 minutes). Japan Railways (JR) are the other company that offer services. The JR Airport Express runs every 30 minutes and stops at Tennoji, Shin-Osaka and Kyoto. The JR rapid service runs to Osaka every 30 minutes and serves most of the major stations in the city centre including Namba, Tennoji, Osaka and Kyobashi. From Osaka, it is possible to catch train connections to the rest of Japan.

Taxi Cabs

There is a taxi stand located on the first floor of the terminal, outside International Arrivals. Like almost all long-distance taxi journey in Japan, the fare into Osaka is relatively expensive. The journey time to Osaka is approximately one hour, depending on traffic. It is also possible to catch taxis to Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and local destinations.


There are two ferry services linking the airport island with Tsuna and Sumoto on Awaji Island. The ferries dock at a ferry terminal which is linked to the airport via a shuttle bus service that leaves every seven to 10 minutes, with a journey time of six to eight minutes.

Osaka Airport KIX

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